2019 Nightcliff Carnival Results

Nightcliff Men’s Results

Fours, Winners: Mark Malagoski, Steve Douglas, Greg Smith and Barry Beaumont.

Runners up: Red Edwards, Brett Eade, Kerry Hayes and Warren Corowa.

Triples, Winners: Wayne Coyle, Graeme Schaedel, Bob Milac.

Runners up: Echo Widermanski, Ian Hammond and Gary Cox

Pairs, Winners: Andrew White and Trevor Exton.   Runners up: Michael Bryan and Tom Beauglehole. Semi Finalists:  Alan Crook and Geoff Harnel, Ian Taylor and Greg Sawtell.

Singles Winner: Marc Malagoski  Runner Up: Trystan Smallacombe Semi Finalists: Gary Chilcott & Andrew White.


Nightcliff Ladies Results

Triples, Winners: Jenny Redshaw, Maree Matters and Jen Sullivan.

Runners up: Sue Aumann, Jill Tiller and Karen Lane.

Pairs, Winners: Catherine Farrell and Jen Sullivan.

Runners up: Carolyn Smolski and Colleen Orr

Fours, Winners: Liz Beale, Deb Vallance, Barb Harnell and Yvonne Smolenaar

Runners up: Sue Aumann, Jill Tiller, Anita Rhook and Elice Crisp.